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The Board's Committees meet to report, discuss and receive public comment on issues relevant to each focus area. Committees do not take action on behalf of the Board, but may bring recommendations to the Board for consideration. Committees have recently been appointed for this board term.

Executive Committee

performs duties as explained in Article VI.

Sports and Recreation Committee


plans and carries out functions involving our parks and recreation, including outside sporting activities.

Land Use and Development Committee
Rick Acosta

prepares for the Board reports and

recommendations on land use and economic development projects affecting the Area and invites City officials to discuss those projects with the Committee and the Board.

Beautification Committee
Frances Burgoin

works with any and all projects dealing with the physical beautification aspects of our community.

Arts and Culture Committee

reports and recommends to the Board on community events and projects involving the arts and the culture of the Area and makes recommendations to support these projects, and/or develops new projects for LA-32 NC to pursue.

Civic Engagement Committee
Charlene McDonald

works in cooperation with all other committees to achieve goals as described above in Article V, Section 11, devises methods to increase Stakeholder participation and attendance at Board and committee meetings and works closely with the Corresponding Secretary.

1. The Committee maintains a website presence to disseminate information to

Stakeholders and others interested in the Area, working with the Vice President and the Corresponding Secretary. Usernames and passwords to social media platforms will be given to the Chair.

2. The Committee creates, develops, and implements a marketing plan. The plan may include, for example, the creation of flyers, postcards, pamphlets and other related outreach materials. The plan must include email blasts to various organizations and stakeholders.

3. The Committee undertakes other outreach activities at public events and

coordinates with other Neighborhood Councils as appropriate.

Public Safety Committee

works with Community Emergency Response Team, Fire Department, Police Department, and any other local public safety agencies or organizations to deal with public safety concerns in the Area.

Business and Economics Committee

 works with the City, businesses and

organizations to aid as liaison between the businesses and City monetary concerns within the Area.


promotes issues concerning our environment and the importance of healthy living choices, and encourages policies that sustain and improve the environment.

Bylaws Committee

enforces as well as recommends amendments to the Bylaws. These members must know and understand these Bylaws and inform all Stakeholders of amendments via the established process as defined in Article XIII.

Education Committee

acts as the Board liaison with any educational entity within the Area, and/or develops new educational projects for the Board to support.

Budget and Finance Committee

handles all budget, expenditure, and financial matters.

Inventory Committee

conducts audits of all Board inventory every quarter and submits the reports at the Regular Board Meetings in March, June, September, and December.

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